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(updated April 4, 2021)

Welcome to the LWTAOG Church fellowship and worship service, may you be blessed today in the Lord’s presence as you worship with us.

We ask while here today that you be aware of, and follow these protocols which have been established to provide the safest environment possible while you are here today:

1. A face mask or face covering must be worn when in the building at all times [no exceptions]. It is also strongly recommended (but not required) that you wear gloves.

2. Upon arrival please allow our Pastoral assistant(s) to perform a temperature screening, and to complete a short questionnaire (see below) before you are seated. If you prefer not to have your temperature screened or complete the questionnaire, we ask that for the wellbeing and peace of mind of all in attendance that you retire from the building and watch our live stream on Facebook @Lwtaog Church from your vehicle or at home. Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated – Thank you

3. Please cooperate with and follow any guidance or instructions provided by our Ushers or Pastoral assistants.

4. The seats have already been set up to meet CDC social distancing guidelines please do not move or add seating. If seating arrangement assistance is needed please see an Usher or Pastoral assistant.

5. While in the building please maintain social distancing and contact [at least 6’ apart as recommended by the CDC] (no handshakes, hugs, etc.)

6. While in the building all those 16 or younger must always be with, and under the supervision of an Adult parent and or Adult Guardian. No one 16 or younger may go to the restrooms unless they are with an Adult parent or Adult Guardian.

7. Due to CDC, and Local Government social distancing guidelines, and capacity limits, LWTAOG will allow only 2 persons in the rest rooms, foyer, or hallway at any one time. See Ushers or Pastoral assistants for further guidance.

8. After the Benediction, the Pastor will dismiss those gathered by sections to maintain social distancing perimeters. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

9. If you need or would like to see the Pastor, please don’t hesitate to ask directly or an Usher or Pastoral assistant.

Thank you all for cooperating, stay safe, and well, and God bless you all. – Pastor Tibbs

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