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The Greatest Story Ever Told is a series that will ensure believers become effective witnesses for Christ.

Join us the last Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm at 5322 West Orem Drive, Houston, TX 77045.

December 5. 2018

• The Greatest Story ever told is the story of the Bible:

- it is the only story that gives us a reasonable explanation about our origin, existence, and, our future destiny.

• Because the Bible is a story it must be read and studied as such, by that I mean it must be read and studied as one piece, one whole, with one purpose, and one theme. Not as something that has multiple aims (goals)(in other words the Bible is not about a bunch of things, it is about just one thing, and one thing only)(while it contains many things concerning this one thing, all of them have either a descriptive, explanatory, illustrative, or supporting role and are not a subject unto themselves separate from the Bible’s main theme/subject).

What is then the Bible’s one purpose, aim, one goal: The salvation: i.e. reconciliation- redemption – andrestoration of mankind (i.e. the Revelation concerning it…)

So caution must be exercised when reading or studying this book called The Bible or we will misunderstand, misinterpret, and worse of all misuse its words, commands, promises, and meaning(s) – II Timothy 2:15

Let’s start with the THEME(subject) of The Bible: Genesis 3:15 (The theme is the key that unlocks for the reader the purpose/meaning of what has been written(don’t forget this as you read any literature but especially when reading The Bible)

• The Theme will also dictate how a story is laid out (outlined)


• Chapter One – In the beginning – Genesis 1-2

• Chapter Two – The fall – Genesis 3

• Chapter Three – The Promised One – Genesis 3:15

• Chapter Four – The work in progress – Genesis 4 – Matthew 1

• Chapter Five – A promise fulfilled – Matthew- Jude

• Chapter Six – Thy kingdom has come – Revelation 4- 19:10

• Chapter Seven – The End! –Revelation 19:11-22:21

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